Occasionally, a new CMS (content management system) arises to challenge WordPress, which began in 2003 as a blog-making application. While Drupal is great for advanced users and Joomla is fine for portal sites, WordPress still reigns supreme. Over 25% of websites use it, and below are several great reasons why.

It’s Always Improving and Evolving

Every WordPress update includes an increasing number of standard features that are geared toward a variety of users, including government and e-commerce websites. There are more than 38,000 available plugins, which give users an almost unlimited number of options when they visit flagstonesearchmarketing.com/services/custom-wordpress-websites.

HTML Knowledge Isn’t Necessary

While there are ways to look at pages’ code and rework various parts, WordPress can be quickly and efficiently used by those with no HTML knowledge. Both Drupal and Joomla require knowledge of the software’s technical aspects in order to customize things, which can limit usage.

It’s Low Cost

The basic WordPress software, as well as many plugins, are free. Some plugins and custom themes cost money, but when compared to hiring a professional web developer, buying themes and purchasing plugins, WordPress is a great deal.

In-Built SEO

Without specific plugins or much knowledge of search engine optimization, WordPress can optimize posts automatically. SEO is important for every website, and it’s great to know that WordPress has it covered.

Improved Security

A blog or e-commerce site as seen at flagstonesearchmarketing.com/services/custom-wordpress-websites should have security sufficient to ensure optimal performance. Therefore, security is a primary concern for a content management system. Although it is difficult to find a completely secure, open-source CMS, WordPress comes close. It includes enough default security features to make it a front-runner among content management systems. Along with these features, several available plugins can easily boost a website’s security.

An Active Support Process

While WordPress has no tech support number to call, it does have a very active online community where users respond to others’ questions and concerns. If a Flagstone Search Marketing user has further questions, follow-up is easy.

It’s Worldwide

People all around the world can use WordPress, which is a definite advantage for sites that are multinational or based in remote locations. Plugins easily handle translation into various languages, which means it can accommodate almost anyone.

While WordPress isn’t the only way to create a website, it’s still the most commonly used—and it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. For its infinite variety and easy use, custom wordpress website design services are still the best available option in website design.